MILLENNIALs Thirteen characters in symbolic and sculptural costume perform an intermedia tableau. A balance of elements and actions are grouped to identify consumer and device-centric culture. Durational rhythm and repetition draws focus to the correlation between costume, actions, groupings and audio-visual content. Together in a geometric set design, a ritual of technology, nature, sexuality and consumption is perpetuated through time.

Interaction avoidance is based in fear, global identity or self-preservation in a highly accelerated environment. Social, entertainment and information needs are satisfied through technology use and contribute to insular autonomy. Affirmation or 'like grouping' of opinions and interests, mass or niche, can be identified with, conformed to or rejected. These non-local alliances impact local interaction.

Environmental apathy, consumption and insecurities can be justified when external factors are considered. A narrative of support or condemnation can be constructed for any subject.

Pornography and the act of imitating are changing desire and physical awareness, shifting tendencies to narcissism, performance, power and emotional protection. Sexuality is influenced by the accessibility and consumption of directed and often violent content at developmental ages.

Millennials aims to reconcile psychological trends associated with technology use and prompt awareness, connection and engagement, off screen and on.